Recently, the world has witnessed the biggest AI challenge of 21st century. XPrize has teamed up with IBM Watson AI and announced a $5 million worldwide competition to accelerate AI development and prove we can benefit from it and raise humanity to the next level.

“The fact of the matter is, personally, I’m sick and tired of the dystopian conversation around artificial intelligence. Our belief is that artificial intelligence is one of the most important inventions the human race will ever create to take on humanity’s grand challenges. We want to demonstrate that to the world.” – Diamandis, Peter

Mycroft A.I. is committed to win the XPrize initiative (, but to do that, we are looking collaborate with the wider open source community.

The Mycroft team has been working hard to make the first open source voice interface and artificial intelligence platform available to everyone. A lot has been done in software and hardware development, community engagement, partnerships and so on. But we still face formidable challenges ahead.

Speech recognition is still a huge field of research and no solution has been developed openly that is capable of solving Speech-to-Text (STT) efficiently. That’s why we are glad to announce the OpenSTT project ( – we’re building an open source, efficient, and high quality Speech-to-Text engine. The community and I will work closely to make this project a success.

I, Jonathan D’Orleans, have experience with real time and distributed systems, and I’ve combined this experience with knowledge in the AI field where I developed a highly concurrent Evolutionary Artificial Neural Network framework cymbalta for anxiety.

With the OpenSTT project, we aim to start by compiling and testing the most promising Machine Learning frameworks and algorithms available today. We will then create small teams to perform POCs (proof-of-concepts) against each of them. Finally, we will start the development and validation phase, ultimately leading up to the release. The OpenSTT project is publicly hosted at:

Mycroft A.I. will invest $250k in resources for the OpenSTT project, so the community and Mycroft can together solve STT problem and take the first step towards win the biggest AI challenge of this century!

We hope you also join us in this effort, by visiting our community forums and our Github Repo.

Jonathan D'Orleans

Jonathan is a Computer Scientist and Artificial Intelligence expert. He has developed and used several AI techniques to solve problems in complex, distributed and real-time systems. His passion for Machine Learning motivated him to create the Artificial Neural Evolutionary Framework – NeoEvolution. Jonathan aims to create the best open source AI and build a better society.